Lil First Base

i bE a Dog. U fOLLoW MeH an LeARn AbOUt WhAT I liKe tO dO. Or NOt (iF U ARe A BiSh)

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meH! LFB! haD dER COOlest mosT aWesUMesT rechaRgiN tHen seroUsLY battERy draiNin (in dEr gOUd waY) WEEK ENd!

iNsTead o wEEk END I’m gonnA thiNK o it aS dER wEEK BEGINnin!

DER phOTos aBuv saY dER thOusanD wOrds rEgaRdiN daT!

DER lasT phOto bEH dEr rAre aPPearanCe o maH DaD wHo I liKe tEW keeP aNonyMouS liKE dER CHarLie BRowN PeaNuts gaNG paReNTs. BUt insTeaD o saYin “WHOo waH wHHoiN wAH wHoo waH,” he saY “PresHus pRincEss (meh) PresHUs pRiNcEss! WHO bEH maH gOOd GuRL??” (mEh).

thaNks daD n BB sTefnAY fER dER grAte WEEK BEGIN!!!!