Lil First Base

i bE a Dog. U fOLLoW MeH an LeARn AbOUt WhAT I liKe tO dO. Or NOt (iF U ARe A BiSh)

Ask me anything


dAt wAlK laDy kiYum dUn biT maH sTyLe!

we aR dEr saMe en dAT bE OK wiD mEh! L! F! B!

wE bE uSuALLy cOnnEcTEd aT dEr leAsh sEw wE miTe as wELL bE maTcHin!

tInY pOem:
we wEAr oUr briGht strAps
wHen I pEe en tAke crAps
SaNdAls, hArneSs eN leAsh
BE our stYLe niChe
dEr wALk laDy kiYum
bE mAh dAy-GLo-in twin.

OR aS beSS biSh sTefnaY sAy… TWERNS!