Lil First Base

i bE a Dog. U fOLLoW MeH an LeARn AbOUt WhAT I liKe tO dO. Or NOt (iF U ARe A BiSh)

Ask me anything

fReNz iFfiN yEr sQueAmiSh plEAz tUrn aWAy!

bUT! LEt iT be kNoWn dAt mEh, LFB, mUSS cOnFeSs dAt i yAm dEr cULprit o dEr blOodY meSs seeN aBuv. aNd no no no i dIdnuT biTe nO boDys! MuH dArk PaSSenGur (mAh biTe-wiSh selF) wuZ ASLeEp in DA SuN dreaMin bOut beSs bisH sTefnaYs beeUTifIl biTAbLe leGs

dAs wHen wAlk LAdy kiYUm cAme in…..

sHe sAy -” eeK!!! BlOody heLL! i hAve To cHeck En mAke sUre dAt ToNy SoPrAno iS nOt iN dEr oThUr rOoM!”

nOT sHuRe wHo dAt cuZ dEr oNly oNe pERson oR doG iN dEr roOm wUz mEh cHeWin oN mAh LOVLY bUTCher B O N E!

fReNz! IT wUZ aH cRiME o pASSiON! I LOv mAh bUtCHer bOne!!! eN mAh dAd fEr leTtin meH biTe oN iT whErEs eVEr i wAnt.