Lil First Base

i bE a Dog. U fOLLoW MeH an LeARn AbOUt WhAT I liKe tO dO. Or NOt (iF U ARe A BiSh)

Ask me anything

lAtelY fREnz, bEss biSh sTeFnAy haZ bEen holleRin tHis tHinG aT meh.


i gEt dAt meAn i gO to mAh bEss biSh eN sHe cLap en sUch en dEn meH, LFB, fEel gOOd en PROUD! eN deN gEt lil sNaCk (hoPefUlly cuZ wHat iS dEr pOint oTherwiZe???)

bUt fRenz, wHen i yAm doiN dis “COME!” i vErry muSh liKE to sMell dEr flOwerz aLong dEr way.