Lil First Base

i bE a Dog. U fOLLoW MeH an LeARn AbOUt WhAT I liKe tO dO. Or NOt (iF U ARe A BiSh)

Ask me anything

hI Der fRienz!!!  I jUs wannO leT u kNo dAt I YAM STOKED!!!!

I yAm spENDingg a fEw Daz wiF mAH bEst biSh STEFNAY!

FRenZ!!! LOt’s o aDvenTureS arE aBoUT 2 haPPen to ME L F B! 

I reAly hopE dat dIs adVenTure giVes to MAH moRE CHEEZZZZEEE!!! juS lIke lass tiME!!! CHeez, crepes an POPCORN!  AND CHEEZ!!!!

(Dat be me in piCHure #2 o MAH in fRoNt of a cHeese FOOD trUCK dAt parK RITE ON mY bLOck!!)